Our Identity

We are fully committed in all projects, we set ambitious goals for our customers and we attach a particular importance to humans within the organization.

Our Implication

More than 300 persons trained accompagnied in the digitalization of their activity.

1 new user experience redesigned
for more than 100 countries and 100 000 users

Already 4 years offering new practices valued by our customers.

Our Values

We are deeply committed, mobilizing all possible means and conveying a results-driven culture.

We are ambitious for our customers and come up with new ideas while ensuring to stay independent in all situations.

We are focused on humans and we attach a particular importance to women and men working on the project.

We build long term relationships thanks to our culture of excellence, our intrapreneurship mindset and our team's empathy.

Our team

Antoine Isambert

Gérant et fondateur d’ICG